What I read today;

Revelation 15-16; Acts 25; Jeremiah 21; Psalm 87; 1 Chronicles 22-23; Leviticus 3

We like to view God like a loving old grandfather sitting in heaven dispensing nothing but candy and love.  That’s what makes reading Jeremiah 21 hard for some to read.  It’s our view of God that sometimes causes us to forget that while God is a loving God he’s also Holy.  He views our actions and behaviors and is not always pleased.

We like the love and forgiveness God provides, but we don’t always want to hear that our sin cost Jesus his life.

Judah was on the edge of destruction.  God had promised if they obeyed him they would have a nation until the Messiah came.  It didn’t happen.  The line of kings became filled with evil and, society became more corrupt.

King Zedekiah now did what many of us do, he turned back to God after it was too late.  It’s amazing how we think, isn’t it?  We overspend on credit cards and then pray for God to send us money.  We don’t do our jobs and then fall on our knees when our employer lets us go.  We fail to study for an exam and then pray to God for a miracle during the test.  We never really change, do we?

God tells Zedekiah that the behavior of the Jewish people will have consequences.  King Nebuchadnezzar will enter Jerusalem, and the survivors will be sent to Babylon.  But amid this God offers hope.  He tells them if they just surrender they will live.  Walk out of the city and submit to the judgment and you will survive.

He does the same for each one of us.  He tells us that no matter where we are, no matter what we’ve done and no matter how bad our conscience is seared that if we just surrender to God and turn our lives over to him that he is still there ready willing and able to save us.

There will always be consequences for our actions.  But in spite of that Jesus is still walking next to each and every one of us, with the same message.  Stop fighting and turn to Jesus.

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