What I read today;

Exodus 39; 1 Chronicles 14-15; Psalm 83; Jeremiah 17; Acts 21; Revelation 7-8

I don’t wear white clothes very often.  I have a few dress shirts that go with the one suit that I own, but that’s about it.  White clothing has a habit of collecting every piece of dirt that it can come across.  Eating spaghetti or other pasta can quickly leave orange and red dots all across a white shirt.  They have to be washed constantly.

Our lives are like that as well.  We get up in the morning, and Jesus gives us a new white robe to wear.  As the day progresses our sins begin to stain that white robe.  We struggle through the day and as bedtime approaches we remove that robe and realize that we have now made a mess of that brand new piece of clothing.  When we rise in the morning, Jesus hands us a new robe one as white as snow.

The multitude in Revelation 7 is those who have received Jesus robe of righteousness.  Notice that they did not wash their own robes.  They are their strictly by the grace of our Lord.  They are there because Jesus died on the cross and took our punishment on himself.

As we get moving today, let’s remember what Jesus sacrificed for you and me.  Let’s keep that thought at the forefront of everything we do and say today!

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