What I read today;

Exodus 35; 1 Chronicles 6-7; Psalm 79; Jeremiah 13; Acts 17; 3 John & Jude

Paul and Silas had a tough time in Thessalonica.  They were forced to leave after a mob attempted to arrest one of the believers, Jason.  They ended up in a small town called Berea.

The Bereans were different.  They didn’t just take people at face value.  They checked them out.  They went to the scriptures and looked into them intently searching to determine if these new ideas were in line with what was written down.

What does Luke say about these people?  The NIV says they were of “Noble” character.

It’s incumbent upon us to also search the scriptures.  When someone is bringing new teaching to us, we also should test the scriptures.  We should search and see if what they are saying matches up with what the word of God says.  Even if we are absolutely sure what they are saying is wrong, we need to go back and re-read the scriptures to make sure we are correct and that it’s not our own biases that are creating our beliefs.

That’s why we should focus on God’s Word!

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