What I read today;

Exodus 29; 2 Kings 19-20; Psalm 73; Jeremiah 7; Acts 11; 1 Peter 3-4

It was a terrible time in the history of God’s people.  Israel had been taken into captivity by Assyria.  God had turned his back on them due to the constant idolatry that had taken place inside its borders.  Assyria had become the dominant power in the middle east.  Judah was now a small nation tucked into a corner of the middle east.  Israel’s army was inadequate to take on the powerful Assyrian nation.

King Hezekiah and his people were forced to hide behind the high walls of their fortified cities. That was all they could do though, hide.  As the Assyrian army surrounded Jerusalem, they began taunting the people behind the walls.  The invasion was coming.

Hezekiah didn’t have a mighty army to stand and fight, he didn’t have allies he could call on to help him.  Hezekiah was utterly and entirely reliant on God.  He had nothing else.

Sometimes we end up at the end of our ropes also.  We end up at the end of a situation where there is no help coming.  We end up so lost that we have no idea where to go or what to do.

In those moments when we have nothing left.  All we can do is follow Hezekiah’s lead.  Lay out everything before God and trust in his judgment and wisdom remembering that God has a plan for each one of us.  A plan that we sometimes aren’t privy to.  A plan that we can trust is for our ultimate good.

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