What I read today;

Exodus 27; 2 Kings 15-16; Psalm 71; Jeremiah 5; Acts 9; James 4-5

When God changes someone from the inside his life is never the same.  The history of Christianity is filled with new converts to Christ who literally changed the world. Many in our modern era have been grabbed by Christ.  CS Lewis and Pasto Greg Laurie come to mind.

However, I don’t think there has been a more dramatic conversion to Christ than the Apostle Paul.

Here was a man who was participated in the death of Stephen, and was now heading to Damascus to forcibly capture Christian converts from Judaism and bring them to Jerusalem for punishment.

Yet Jesus had other plans.

God got ahold of Paul, and the world changed forever.  Paul would endure hardship, beatings, hunger and much more in his quest to bring the Gospel every place he could set his foot.

Never give up on those who don’t know Christ.  Don’t stop praying for them.  You never know when God will reach out and grab them.

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