What I read today;

Exodus 22; 2 Kings 5-6; Psalm 66; Isaiah 66; Acts 4; Hebrews 7-8

How do we treat those we disagree with?  Often times it seems as if we want to use a scorched earth policy.  We don’t just disagree we attempt to destroy.  We become focused on celebrating our victories and never really focus on the damage the victory caused.

In 2 Kings 6, the Lord struck the Syrian Army with Blindness and led them into a trap where they were completely surrounded.

The King of Israel’s response was, “Let’s destroy them.”

God’s response was, “Feed them.”

The character of God says we should take care of those who hate us.  God’s nature says to have mercy on those who curse us.

I need to think about that today before I get angry with the person in line at the store or driving in the car in front of me.

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