What I read today;

Exodus 17; 1 Kings 17-18; Psalm 61; Isaiah 61; John 20; Titus 1-2

In 1976, Dick Vermeil took over as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  In 1981, Vermeil led the Eagles to there first ever, Superbowl appearance.  In 1982 Vermeil left the coaching ranks siting burnout as the reason he for his retirement.

Burnout affects all managers, CEO’s, hourly workers, coaches and everyone in between.  We can’t handle the pressure of our surroundings any more.

In the world we live in today we are forced to work more hours to get ahead and to work harder and harder to achieve what we deserve, the American Dream.

The problem is that we’re more stressed than ever and it’s leading to more stress and less happiness.

In Exodus 17 vs. 11-12, we find Moses watching over a battle.  Moses had one job to do.  Hold up his hands.  When his hands were raised, the fight was going Israel’s way.  When he lowered his hands, the battle went against Israel.  Exhausted, and unable to keep his hands up, Aaron and Hur came to help.  They put a stone under Moses so he could sit and each of his friends held one of his hands.

Moses couldn’t do it alone.  He needed the help of his friends to make it through the day.

The truth is we can’t do it alone either.  We need help if we’re going to make it.  God sends people to us to help.  He sends brothers and sisters to strengthen us when we need it.  He gives us a Church home to be with other believers as we walk through this life.  Don’t be afraid to rely on those around you when you struggle with the day to day events of life.  Sometimes they’re the only thing that gets you through.

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