What I read today;

Exodus 14; 1 Kings 11-12; Psalm 58; Isaiah 58; John 17; 1 Timothy 5-6

I can be a person who over-thinks things.  It’s a common affliction in our society today.  I sometimes think that we have so much free time on our hands that we cause ourselves issues by getting into our own heads.

The nation of Israel had just witnessed God’s mighty power in attaining their release from Egypt in Exodus 12.  Yet mere days later, in Exodus 14, we find them freaking out because they see Pharoah and his army heading right at them.

Does God give them a 20-page sermon?  Does he send down detailed instructions on what to do?  Does he send a self-help manifesto?


He says, “Stop Crying and Go Forward.”

Maybe that’s what we need to do.  Stop Crying and Go Forward.

George Patton told his troops that he never wanted to hear someone say that they were holding a position.  He wanted his troops to always be on the offensive and moving forward.

We need to be moving forward as well.  We need to be looking for those opportunities to spread the Gospel.  To tell people about the savior who stepped out of heaven to save you and me.  Our society has laid down the gauntlet.  They’ve picked the ground for the fight.  They are charging straight for us. They are the ones convincing people that Jesus no longer is necessary.  They are the ones promoting the idea that scripture isn’t the authority.  They control the schools, the media, the TV, the social media and many churches.

But we’ve witnessed the majesty of the resurrection.  We’ve seen the savior of the earth spread his Gospel from a tiny part of the middle east across the globe.  We’ve seen God tear the world apart during the Reformation and restore the true Gospel.  We know in spite of all the weapons they own and use that our God is stronger and the Gospel is the weapon that will win the day.

It’s time that we started moving forward.

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