What I read today;

Exodus 5; 2 Samuel 17-18; Psalm 49; Isaiah 49; John 8; Philippians 3-4

Absalom had tried to take his fathers throne, his house and in the end, he worked to take David’s very life.  It had all backfired on Absalom, and he was killed by Joab.  How did David react?  Was it with joy?  Did he dance?  No, David wept at the loss of his son.

I think that somehow David felt the guilt of failure as a father.  I think he understood that it was his responsibility to raise his children in the word of God and that he had failed.  David failed because he was busy building an empire, David was consumed with conquest and he, at times, followed his own desires into taking on numerous wives, which led to rivalry amongst his own children.  At the moment that David should have been the happiest, he weeps for his son.

Flash forward to this very day.  We have raised up a generation that no longer knows who God is.  We see the results of our failure, our parents failure, and our grandparents’ failures.  We were pre-occupied with growing our retirement nest eggs, building our careers, buying houses and accumulating things that we failed to teach our children who God was.  Now, we are reaping what we sowed.

But should we weep like David did?  No, God is calling us to move.  He’s calling us to push back against the world that has overcome us and to begin once again proclaiming the Word of God to the young.  We spend millions of church dollars on the mission fields in Africa and Asia but fail to reach out into our own neighborhoods.  It’s time for us to regain our footing.  It’s time for us to stop weeping and begin praying and then start moving.

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