What I read today;

Exodus 3; 2 Samuel 13-14; Psalm 47; Isaiah 47; John 6; Ephesians 5-6

What do we need to survive?  We need to breathe.  We have to have shelter.  We need water.  Finally, we need to have food.

You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” If we eat too much of the wrong food, our bodies start to break down.  We don’t get the appropriate nutrients we rob ourselves of the life-giving vitamins and minerals necessary to keep us from getting ill or having other physical problems.  Americans diets today are blamed for many of our ailments.

Our spiritual lives are the same.  Our spiritual lives are no different.  We need spiritual food to keep our spirits sustained.  If we take in too much of the world, our spiritual lives will be overwhelmed with the values of the world not God’s values.

In John 6 vs. 35 Jesus invites us to come to him for the food that gives eternal life.  He promises in vs. 39-40 that anyone who turns to him will never hunger spiritually again.

So many other things in this world lead to emptiness and brokenness.  Jesus never fails to fill that hunger inside of our souls.

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