What I read today;

Genesis 42; 1 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 36; Isaiah 36; Luke 19; 2 Corinthians 4

In 2016 something incredible happened.  After 108 years the Chicago Cubs won a world title.  As if that wasn’t enough on November 15th, 2016, an estimated 5,000,000 people lined the streets of Chicago into Grant Park for the celebration.  Aerial shots of the mass of humanity were unbelievable.  People were climbing light polls and standing on cars just to get a glimpse of the players and the coaches as the buses drove slowly through the town.  Imagine if you were on Michigan Avenue that day, clinging to a light pole when the bus suddenly stops. Your straining to see what is going on when you hear Joe Madden the manager of the Cubs yell out your name and invite you to come and sit with him and the team on the bus.  How would you feel at that moment?  What would you do?

In Luke, we see another parade.  Jesus was in town.  The crowds around him were massive.  People were trying to catch a glimpse.  Zaccheus climbs a tree just to catch a glimpse, and suddenly he hears his name.  Not only does he hear his name but Jesus wants to have dinner with him.  Of all the people sitting in the crowd, he’s calling him. What do you think was going through Zaccheus’ mind?

Sitting in his house he listens intently to Jesus, still not sure why the Lord had asked him to have dinner with him and, overwhelmed by the experience, he declares that he will give back anything he’s taken and give the rest to the poor.

Jesus had called him, and out of shocked gratitude, Zaccheus had responded.

Jesus had come to save people like Zaccheus.  He’s come to save people like you and me.  In fact, like Zaccheus, he’s calling you and me today.  Out of the crowds of billions of people on the earth he’s extending an invitation to each one of us right now.

Are you answering the call?

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