What I read today;

Genesis 38; 1 Samuel 14-15; Psalm 32; Isaiah 32; Luke 15; 1 Corinthians 16

Saul is a tragic figure to me.  So full of promise and yet he failed as king.  His problem always centered around 2 things.

First, he was impatient.  He could never wait for God to work things out.  That made him do rash things and led to many mistakes.

Second, he was more worried about what people thought than what God thought.

Leaders are supposed to lead. Sometimes that causes them to do things that aren’t popular. But that’s the price of being a leader.

Leaders don’t bend with the culture of our world today.  Leaders don’t stop proclaiming the Gospel even when it’s not popular in some quarters. Leaders obey God even when it hurts.

The trouble is that we all fall short of that expectation, don’t we?

That’s why we look to Jesus.  He followed God’s commands to the letter.  He never sinned.  God knows we are weak and imperfect. He knows exactly who we are.  That’s why Jesus did what he did.  That’s why giving our life to Jesus and trusting him is our only way to eternity.

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