What I read today;

Genesis 36; 1 Samuel 10-11; Psalm 30; Isaiah 30; Luke13; 1 Corinthians 14

James Bond fans will recognize the name of Daniel Craig, the man who is currently playing James Bond in the movies.  He’s become one of the most celebrated men to play the iconic role since it’s creation.

Recently, I saw an old interview with him.  During the interview, he was asked how it happened that he became James Bond.  He stated that he received a call from Barbara Broccoli who produces and controls the rights to the James Bond series. She asked him if he would take over the role of James Bond.  Daniel Craig was stunned.  In fact, his response to her was, “I think you’ve got the wrong guy.”

In 1 Samuel we see a reluctant man anointed King.

Saul was a shepherd.  He wasn’t from a wealthy family, he was just an ordinary man, living an ordinary life.  Then out of nowhere God rocks his world.  He can’t figure out why.  Saul asks all the standard questions of God, “who am I,” “Why Me” and the ever intuitive, “you’ve got the wrong guy”?

That’s how it is for all of us.  None of us feel qualified to talk to others about Jesus.  We all feel fear.  We feel the weight of our sin and the embarrassment of our past always looming behind us.  We hear Satan’s voice in our ear telling us that we’re not worthy.

But Jesus calls us anyways.  He tells us to focus on the cross and the glorious salvation that Jesus has brought to each one of us.  He gives us the spirit of God to tell the story to the lost and the hurting.

Unqualified, men and women have proclaimed the Gospel for over 2000 years.  We need more unqualified men and women to take answer the Holy Spirits call!

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