What I read today;

Genesis 35; 1 Samuel 8-9; Psalm 29; Isaiah 29; Luke 12; 1 Corinthians 13

In 1 Samuel 8, the people of Israel demand a king to lead them.  Israel was supposed to be ruled by God.  Yes God chose men like Moses and Joshua and women like Deborah to guide the nation, but truthfully, the nation was supposed to be led by God.

God gave them the Law of Moses and people were supposed to allow God’s Word to rule their lives.  The nation was supposed to live a life of worship and prayer and humbly submit to God.

For some reason, they couldn’t trust God to keep his promises, and they demanded a king.  They wanted someone who would take care of them.  A person that would rule the land and keep them secure.  They had seen the judges who had failed them and now wanted a strong government to ensure their survival.  Yes, they eventually got David as king after Saul failed.  Ultimately, however, the faith in the monarchy would lead to the end of the nation of Israel as failed king after failed king would ascend to the throne.

In the United States, we’ve fallen into the same trap.  We’ve fallen into this belief that our hope is placed in elected officials or political parties.  When they fail, we are left angry and in some cases desperate.  Instead of turning away from politics and back to God we hand over more and more control of our lives to the very people who have made the mess, to begin with.  We repeat the history of Greece, Rome, Germany, and many other nations from history.  We fail to recognize where our faith belongs.

The church in the US has become too entwined with politics and political parties.  Instead of working to turn the hearts of people back to the Word of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in people’s lives, we’ve turned to the government to force people to believe what we want them to think.  That is not how God intended things to be.

We need to return to the idea that real hope is only found in trusting the creator of the universe. Real hope is in the power of God working in the hearts of individual people to change the world.


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