What I read today

Genesis 28; Judges 19-20; Psalm 22; Isaiah 22; Mark 15-16; 1 Corinthians 6

We find Jacob alone in the desert.  Things have not gone according to plan.  His mother had arranged everything so that Jacob could get the blessing from his father.  He’d used questionable tactics to gain the birthright from his brother.  He was supposed to be the man.  Instead, he’s heading to a foreign country to see people he’s never met.  He’s broke, hungry and now is sleeping on the desert floor using a rock for a pillow.

That’s usually what happens when we try and force our plan down God’s throat.  Rather than waiting for God to reveal his plan, we try and force the issue.  It rarely works.

When we feel the impatience with God, fall back on trusting God.  Let him be God and let us humbly wait on him.

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