What I read today:

Genesis 19; Judges 1-2; Psalm 13; Isaiah 13; Matthew 25-26; Romans 13

Imagine if we tried to live our lives using Romans 13 vs. 8-14 as our guide.  Would we have a divided Congress that seems to be ready for a civil war inside its chambers?  Would we have a President calling his political opponent’s names?  Would we have a newly elected Congresswomen screaming profanities at the President?  Would we have another Congresswoman openly calling the President of the United States a Racist?

Would our social media posts be so angry?  Would our news channels show only those things intended to play on our emotions?

The truth is that it is our responsibility one man and one woman at a time to show the love that Paul speaks about.  Somedays that is harder than others.  Somedays love is a difficult emotion to show.

But love is an action, not a feeling.  Love is what we do.  Love is that thing we do out of thanks for what Jesus did for us.  We may not love the President or members of Congress, but our Lord commands that we Love them and pray for them.

We must love one another no matter what!

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