What I read today:

Genesis 17; Joshua 21-22; Psalm 11; Isaiah 11; Matthew 21-22; Romans 11

If you read Romans 11, there is a single question that rings out.  Can a person or a people fall so far from God that they can’t be redeemed?

Paul’s answer is an emphatic no!

No matter how far a person has fallen, no matter what someone has done, no matter how badly a group has behaved, the Love of God is so powerful that it can reach out and pick those people up, dust them off and give them a fresh start.

If you are worried about someone in your life who has fallen away, pray!  Pray without stopping.  Pray until you can’t pray anymore.  Show that person love and kindness. Show them the face of Jesus.  Never give up or lose hope!

With God, there is always hope!

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