What I read today

Genesis 16; Joshua 19-20; Psalm 10; Isaiah 10; Matthew 19-20; Romans 10

Romans 10 vs. 17 “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through threw Word of Christ.”

No other book in the history of mankind has had a more significant impact than the Bible.  The entire Reformation was based on the idea that the words of the Holy Scriptures were to be the basis of our faith.

True, humans have misinterpreted those scriptures and done things that shouldn’t have been done in the name of God.  But that doesn’t diminish the authority of scripture and the place that scripture should hold in our hearts.

The number of people whose lives have been changed through the words of the Bible is countless.  Every time a government or movement has tried to destroy the Bible or keep it out of the hands of the people they have failed miserably.

Today, we see the holy spirit use the word and continue to tiptoe throughout our world changing lives and hearts every day.

But things are changing in our country, aren’t they?

There’s a storm going on in our society today.  That storm calls into question many of the key doctrines of the Holy Scriptures.  This includes inside of the Denomination of the Church I attend.  If you look on Twitter and Facebook that storm is growing not just in our society but in the very churches that we attend.  The debates over marriage, the existence of God, sexuality, and basic morality have been going on for a long time but seem to now be at a frenzied pitch.  In February, at the general council meeting, we may know the outcome of some of these issues within the United Methodist Church.

But what concerns me now as we grow near to that date is that the real problem may finally have exposed itself.  We are now seeing many trained ministers and “scholars” actually downplay the significance of the Word of God, and in fact, to actually call into question the authority of the Bible itself.  To deny the importance of scriptures and to rewrite sections of scripture because we don’t like how they make us feel puts us into unchartered waters and is scary indeed.

John Wesley, the founder of the denomination, said this in his commentary on 2 Timothy 3 vs. 16:

“All scripture is inspired of God – The Spirit of God not only once inspired those who wrote it but continually inspires, supernaturally assists, those that read it with earnest prayer.  Hence it is so profitable for doctrine, for the instruction of the ignorant, for the reproof or conviction of them that are in error or sin, for the correction or amendment of whatever is amiss, and for instructing or training up the children  God in all righteousness.”

I’m praying that God will inspire our leaders to come to a God-pleasing resolution in February.

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