What I read today;

Genesis 15; Joshua 15-16; Psalm 9; Isaiah 9; Matthew 17-18; Romans 9

Genesis 15 vs. 6 says that Abram Believed God and God credited it to him as righteousness.

When you think about what God was promising Abram would you have believed it?  Here he is an 80-year-old man with an 80-year-old wife, and they have no children.  On top of that God has promised him that his descendants will inherit the entire land of Canaan, modern-day Israel and that they will be a powerful country.  Would you have believed it based on the facts that were staring you in the face? I’m not sure I would have.

But God keeps his promises.  From that promise to Abram on that starry night, God built an empire.  He kept the line of descendants from Adam to Seth to Abram to David to Joseph and Mary to bring us salvation.  When we read God’s word, and we see his promises we can be assured that he never lies.  His promises are as sure as the dark of night will always lead to the light of day.

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