What I read today;

Genesis 13; Joshua 13-14; Psalm 7; Isaiah 7; Matthew 13-14; Romans 7

Mattew 13 vs. 51-52 Jesus asks his disciples if they understand the parables that Jesus has shared with them.  The truth is that initially, the disciples missed a lot of what Jesus was talking about. The same happens to us when we read the Bible ourselves.  Often we miss the point of individual passages.  Sometimes we’re just not ready for a message that God will be sending.  So the Holy Spirit takes his time with us and patiently grows our faith until we reach maturity.  For most of us, we never actually reach maturity this side of Heaven.

That’s why each time we read the Bible the Spirit will teach you a new lesson.  You’ll see and remember the old lessons, but I’m constantly amazed that each time I re-read different sections I find that some of the older verses I’ve read over time now have a different application to a specific problem I’m dealing with today.

That’s what has always amazed me about the Word of God.   It’s truly new every day.

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