What I read today;

Genesis 11-12; Joshua 11-12; Psalm 6; Isaiah 6; Matthew 11-12; Romans 6

We like to try and force people to do things that we want them to do.  We force people by law not to steal or murder.  We shout at people to try and make them believe what we believe.  We grandstand and get on our soapboxes about a whole host of issues that go on in our lives and in our worlds.

Even the church has gotten into the act by trying to get Congress to pass laws that enforce a Christian worldview.

Romans 6 however, contradicts that idea.  Romans 6 tells us that we should willingly submit ourselves to Jesus teachings out of love for what he’s done for us.  We should want the holy spirits guidance in our actions and our ways.  Sin should cause us to wince and to want to walk away.  Our individual lives should be about obeying God out of thankfulness to what he’s done for us.

Because honestly, no one has done more for us than God himself.  Shouldn’t we want to please him with our lives?

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