What I read today

Genesis 7-8; Joshua 7-8; Psalm 4; Isaiah 4; Matthew 7-8; Romans 4

My job in the Air Force brought me into contact with quite a few higher-ranking officers.  As a young Airman that could be quite intimidating at first.  It was especially true when the Wing or Base Commander would come into the room.  The first person who would see the Colonel come into the room would snap to attention and call the entire office to attention.  Everyone would stop what they were doing and jump out of their seats and snap to the position of attention.  At first, these men and women were quite intimidating.

If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone in that type of authority you know how intimidating it can be.

In Matthew 8 vs. 28-34, Jesus shows his power by healing to demon-possessed men. These men were feared by the entire surrounding area.  Now suddenly, they are completely rid of the demons.

That’s the power that Jesus holds.  The power to set us free from the things that lead to sin and death.  Yet he wants to be close to each one of us.  He wants an intimate relationship.  The power of the creator of the universe wants each of us to know him intimately.  That’s incredible.

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