What I read today:

Genesis 3-4; Joshua 3-4; Psalm 2; Isaiah 2; Matthew 2; Romans 2

We like to view Satan as the ultimate destroyer.  We see people like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer as what Satan honestly looks like.  Pure evil.

The truth is that Satan usually doesn’t enter our lives by presenting himself as evil.  He subtly injects himself into our lives, many times without our even realizing it.

In the Garden of Eden, he does just that to Eve.

He presents himself as a beautiful being like an old friend.  Then he does the one thing that he’s continued from the very beginning.  He asks a simple question:

“Did God really say that?”

He proposes a question in a way that makes us doubt the Word of God.  He causes us to question God’s intentions.  He makes us think that God is withholding something from us.  Maybe he wants us to believe things like, “A God of love would never do that.”

Not much has changed over the years.  Satan still exists.  Satan continues to use his tried and true method of just asking us to question what God says.

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