What I read today:

Genesis 1-2; Joshua 1-2; Psalm 1; Isaiah 1; Matthew 1-2; Romans 1

Genesis 1 and 2 describe how God created the earth and everything in it.  The crown jewel of creation was mankind.  We were given life by the breath of God.  Different from all the other beings in creation.

Eve was created using a rib from Adam.  In many ways, she was the final piece of God’s puzzle.

When a husband and wife come together, it is supposed to form a lifetime partnership where two indeed become one.  We know that things are never perfect this side of heaven, but the truth is we should aspire to walk side by side for life through each and every problem and success as one.  We should treat each other as if we were one.  We should love each other as much or more than we love ourselves.

That’s how God planned it from the beginning.

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