What I read today

Song of Songs 6; Ecclesiastes 11; Malachi 2; Revelation 21

There is a lot to unpack in Malachi 2 vs. 13-17.

What we see is how seriously does God take our marriage vows.   God plainly states that he hates divorce.  It was a real problem at the time Malachi wrote these words.  Wives were being abandoned by their husbands.  Often it was for a younger woman.  Consider the state of the world we live in today and think about what God must think of us in this day and age when divorce rates are nearly 50 percent.

God’s design for human beings was for one man and one woman to be married for life.  Unfortunately, we’ve convinced ourselves that divorce is an acceptable alternative.  We trade our wives and husbands in for younger or richer models.  Throw away marriages have led to split families and children torn in two directions.

While God is angry with those, who are participating in these acts.  In verses 1-9 he also condemned the church for not calling out the society in which they lived.  He held the church accountable for not warning the people of the consequences of their actions.

Have we reached the point where we are so wrapped up in living as the world wants us to live that we don’t speak God’s Word anymore?

God has compassion and mercy waiting for all sinners.  But it is still the church’s responsibility to warn those in our world of what God’s word indeed says.

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