What I read today

Song of Songs 3-4; Ecclesiastes 9; Zechariah 14; Revelation 19

The news has been interesting again, hasn’t it?  To listen to all the pundits you’d think the world was on fire.  They say that the economy is slowing down, our politics are in free fall, crime is through the roof, terrorism is on the rise and now we’re all going to lose our health care.

Zechariah’s world was in far worse turmoil than ours was.  His nation was being destroyed by an invasion.  His people were being deported.  Things were not good.  But in the midst of this God gives Zechariah and each one of us a glimpse of the hope that awaits us in Heaven.

It’s a hope that we should focus on.  Because it’s the hope of a Savior who’s coming to set us free from the tyranny of sin and death.  It’s that hope that we should focus on.  When we do that our world seems to be an easier place to live in.

“Then the Lord my God will come, and all the holy ones with him.  On that day there shall not be[c] either cold or frost. And there shall be continuous day (it is known to the Lord), not day and not night, for at evening time there shall be light.  On that day living waters shall flow out from Jerusalem, half of them to the eastern sea and half of them to the western sea; it shall continue in summer as in winter.  And the Lord will become king over all the earth; on that day the Lord will be one and his name one.”NRSV

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