What I read today

Esther 6, Ecclesiastes 3; Zechariah 8; Revelation 13

God’s promise to restore Israel was going to happen.  Now way was Haman going to be able to stop this by destroying all the Jewish people in captivity.

But what were the Jewish people to do when they were finally restored to their land?  Were they supposed to go back to the old way of living?  God said no.

So what did God expect of them?  Two things:

First, he wanted them to treat each other with respect and dignity.  Zechariah 8 vs. 16-17 show us how God expects us to treat each other.

  • Speak the truth
  • Render judgments that are true
  • Make for peace
  • Do not devise evil in your hearts against one another
  • Love no false oaths

Second, he wanted his people to worship him in joy.  In Zechariah 8 vs. 19 he tells his people that he doesn’t wish to rigid, hollow, shallow worship.  He wants our worship of him to be joyful!  Why?  Because God loves his people so much that he made a plan to save them.  How much more do we need to be joyful in our praise of such an awesome and beautiful God!

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