What I read today

Esther 4; Ecclesiastes 1; Zechariah 6; Acts 27; Revelation 11

Esther was in quite a predicament.  She was Queen.  But, in spite of her being royalty, it was not known who Esther really was.  In truth, she had hidden from everyone her heritage.  Only her uncle Mordecai knew that she was a Jew.

Now she’s faced with a decision.  If she approaches the King without an invitation, she could be executed unless the King welcomes her into his presence.  After that, she has no idea how he will respond when he finds out that she is a Jew and that she concealed this from him.

I’ll bet young Esther was more than a little frightened.

But her Uncle challenged her, and she listened.  “Maybe you the reason you are here now is for just this purpose.”

Have you been faced with a moment where you wanted to remain silent but knew that you shouldn’t?  Have you been in a spot where you should have said something but didn’t?  Remember, God may have put you in that position for a reason.  When those situations enter your life,  pray for guidance, strength and courage and God will lead you in the direction you need to go.



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