What I read today

Esther 2; Job 41; Zechariah 4; Acts 25; Revelation 9

Paul has been sitting in prison for nearly 2 years.  Paul has yet to be charged with any crime.  Yet there he sits.  Finally, a new governor takes over.  What is the first thing the Religious leaders do?  They try and get the governor to hand Paul over to them so they can kill him.

I wonder what the governor thought?  Later it says he said he didn’t think Paul had committed any crimes.

Paul knew that going to Jerusalem was a death sentence so he appeals to the Emporers court in Rome.

Paul would rather take his chances in Pagan Rome than in the Religous courts in Jerusalem.  That says something doesn’t it.

It may seem that Paul was languishing in prison.  But we know from his epistles that the entire time he was imprisoned he continued his mission of proclaiming the gospel.  Even in front of Festus and later King Agrippa he continued to proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Paul never let his circumstances dictate his mission.  He never fell into self-pity he just kept on preaching the Gospel.  We have so many excuses for not talking about God’s Grace.  Yet here we see Paul continuing to preach even in Prison.

I need to take that example to heart for myself.

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