What I read today:

Habakkuk 13; Job 38; Zechariah 1; Acts 22; Revelation 6

The temple and city of Jerusalem are being rebuilt.  At that time, God sends a message to the Jewish nation.  Zechariah tells the nation to repent, and he gives them a promise that if they will return to God, that God will return to them.

Even though the Jewish nation had turned away from God and been exiled and scattered, God still put his hand out to them.  Even when it seemed that God had utterly abandoned his people, his love for them never ceased.

It’s the same for you and me.  No matter how far we have fallen God is standing there with his hands extended towards you and me.  God still wants a relationship with you and me, and he still extends the hope for all mankind, no matter how far away they’ve fallen, to return to the loving arms of a savior who died for them.

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