What I read today:

Nehemiah 11; Job 37; Haggai 2; Acts 21; Revelation 5

Most of us have taken long trips before.  Maybe it was for work or possibly for a vacation.

You usually plan out your trip, you pick the hotels you’re going to stay at and finally what you are going to do at each destination.  What would you do if, at your first stop you found out that people were waiting to arrest you?  Would you continue on the trip or turn back?

Then you find out that, by heading out and finishing this trip you would have an opportunity to help more people by being arrested than if you did not complete the journey, now what would you do?

But then you are told that not only do they want to arrest you they actually want to kill you?  What do you do now?

In Acts 21 Paul chooses to keep going.  He knows that God is preparing him for one of the most challenging missions of his life.  But he also knows that his example of courage and his determination to continue reaching out to the world with the message of Jesus Saving grace is more important than his personal comfort.

Yes, Paul is concerned.  I would believe he’s more than a little frightened.  When the mob comes after him, I’m sure he was filled with terror.  But God wasn’t through with Paul yet. God wasn’t done with his missionary journeys.  He wasn’t done having him preach to many.  In the end, Paul’s life would be an example of redemption that would help to change history.


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