What I read today

Nehemiah 8; Job 34; Zephaniah 2; Acts 18; Revelation 2

We have built gorgeous buildings throughout the Christian community.  We have Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, we have the Dom in Cologn, there’s St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and who can forget Westminster Abbey in England.

The temple in Jerusalem was rebuilt now.  But Nehemiah and Ezra new that a building like this was just brick, mortar, and wood.

It was the word of God that made it special.  It was the word of God that gave it purpose.  Our churches may be beautiful on the outside, but if they don’t have the word of God, then they are nothing more than empty tombs.

In the early church, the common thing that bound the churches together was the letters of the apostles, the old testament scriptures, the holy spirit and Jesus himself.  No gigantic building projects.  Only the scriptures and worship of the savior who came to free us from our sins.

Building programs are not a bad thing.  But for a revival to take place the word of God must be front and center.

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