What I read today

Nehemiah 7; Job 33; Zephaniah 1; Acts 17; Revelation 1

The leaders of the status quo just didn’t get it.  Paul and Silas were shaking Thessalonica to its very core.  People were heading out of the church door.  Now driven mad by Jeoulosy the Synagogue leaders strike back.  They scream, “false prophet,”  they then turn and tell the Romans that they have a traitor in their mix.

They’ll do or say anything to prevent what’s happening.

But God won’t be stopped.

Heading out of town for their own safety Paul and Silas head to a small town north of Mt Olympus called Berea.

There the people listen to the message and diligently search the scriptures to determine if what Paul and Silas are saying could be true.  Many come to the faith.  But just like a bad penny, those who chased Paul and Silas out of Thessolinica turn up to stir the crowd and defend the status quo.

Change in the church has always been met with fear.  Allowing blacks into white churches caused a stir.  Allowing women into the pulpit and voting membership was met with anger and rage.  Reaching out to the unloveable creates fear and chaos for those not used to being with them.  When our traditions and structures become more important than spreading the grace of God we need to rethink our religion.  We need to do as the Bereans did and search the scriptures and study the man named Jesus to determine if we are really following his will.

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