What I read today

Ezra 8; Job 24; Micah 4; Acts 8; 2 Peter 3

What makes someone pay $325 to a group of fisherman to get him close to an island and then hop into a Kayak and paddle his boat to an isolated island where natives of the island have been known to shoot arrows at strangers?

The story of John Allen Chau who died while attempting to preach the gospel to an isolated tribe of Indians, located on the Andaman Islands in North Sentinel and Indian territory.  The story has prompted some derogatory comments from non-believers.

Those who don’t believe in Jesus will never understand.  They wouldn’t have understood how the gospel spread after Stephens death.  Most don’t know why people continue to believe in spite of all the calls for tolerance and respect for other religions.  Many today just don’t understand the difference between the many religions on the earth today.  They wouldn’t understand why even after the arrests and murders of other Christians in the early church the Gospel continued to be spread by ordinary people.  In spite of the risk, they kept proclaiming the Gospel.

There’s only one man who rose from the dead.  There is only one man who can get us to heaven.  Some will just never understand.


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