What I read this morning

Ezra 5; Job 21; Micah 1; Acts 5; 1 Peter 2-3

Christians get accused of hypocrisy more than any other group in the world today.  Why you ask?  Mostly because we deserve it.

While we’re never going to be perfect, the truth is often we don’t act the way that God wants us to behave.  We gossip, we judge, and we often behave worse than the people we’re gossiping about or judging.

Peter tells us to conduct ourselves honorably and accept the authority of every human institution.

He didn’t say that we had to accept all the decisions as acceptable, did he?

The truth is that there are a lot of decisions our government will make that we just don’t agree with.  There will be a lot of things done in congress, the white house or the supreme court that we will shake our head at.

But we should obey the government and, more importantly, honor and pray for those in elected office.

I don’t agree with many of our politicians on issues like abortion.  There are many other issues I don’t agree with them on.  I do my duty and vote, but once the people have spoken, I do my best to dutifully obey the laws passed until those laws conflict with God’s commands.

Peter lived in a time when the Roman government supported pagan rituals that were so horrible that they couldn’t be shown on cable tv.

As christians, our job is not to change the people by force of government.  Our job is to point sinners toward Jesus and allow the holy spirit to change the hearts of people and turn them towards God.


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