Ezra 4; Job 20; Jonah 4; Acts 4; James 5 & 1 Peter 1

I’ve had the opportunity to be part of some very special things in my career.  I was at BlueBook in the ’90s when it started to take off.  I put together the launch of Hach’s LDO which is still one of there most successful launches.  I was the leader of two youth groups that went from 0 members to 15-20 members in the 1990s as well.

All of them have one thing in common.

As they began to be successful, critics came out of the woodworks.  Jealousy and envy caused attacks to come from places that I least expected.

Ezra records that as the temple rebuild proceeded critics came out to attack and were ultimately successful in stopping, temporarily, the progress on construction of a new temple.

People attack and criticize what they don’t understand.  When they see someone being successful envy is at the door.  That turns into attacks from those who fear they are being left behind or that they may in someway look bad.

Ezra would fight back and ultimately finish reconstruction.  In the end, the critics faded into the background to be lost forever.  Ezra knew he was completing God’s plans.

If God is at your center then leave the critics where they belong.  Behind you.

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