What I read today

Ezra 1; Job 17; Jonah 1; Acts 1; Hebrews 12-13

The book of Hebrews comes to an end with two iconic chapters.  These two chapters describe our lives as they are, our lives as God wants us to strive to be, and finally, God’s wish for all of us to be united.

Chapter 12 vs. 1-4 tells us that our lives will be a struggle with sin.  We will fight sin, we will lose, we will fight some more, and we will likely lose.  That’s our life.  However, vs. 2 points out that we shouldn’t focus on our losing battles with sin.  We should focus on Jesus Christ.  Sinners need to focus on what Jesus did for us and what he continues doing for us as he perfects us and provides us the perfection we need to enter eternal life.

Chapter 12 vs. 14-15 shows us that we need to strive for peace with everyone.  Since we are all sinners, we need to not put stumbling blocks in peoples way.  Christians should be welcoming and not judgemental.  We have a habit of pointing out the sins of others.  Since we are all sinners, we need to be careful not to judge another to the point that we can cause bitterness to drive a wedge between that person and his savior destroying the faith of a brother or sisters.

Chapter 13 vs. 1-5 tells us to live a life of love.  These verses tell us to give our lives in service to one another.

Finally, chapter 13 vs. 14-15 point us to our heavenly home and the actual debt we owe to Jesus which is a sacrifice of praise for the one who’s done everything for us.


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