What I read today

2 Chronicles 36; Job 16; Obadiah; John 21; Hebrews 10-11

Hebrews is a complicated book.  It jumps all over the place as you read it.  Chapter 10 talks about Jesus sacrifice for our sins.  Then tells us to watch out that we don’t lose our faith and wander away and even goes so far as to say if we willfully sin we can lose our faith.

That’s confusing because many of us struggle with sin.  We fight and lose.  We try to change our ways but wind up right back where we started.

Then chapter 11 talks about faith.  It defines faith.  It tells us we can’t do anything apart from faith.

It can be confusing, can’t it?

In the end, there is a subtle comment in chapter 11 verse 40 that I think tells us what the author is telling us about.  He says that we are being “made perfect.”

It’s easy to read these chapters and think that we must be “perfect.”  Then we can fall into despair because we realize that we are far from perfect.  The answer is that when we come to faith in Jesus, the process of being perfected in our daily lives will be ongoing and lifelong.  The reality is that we will never accomplish that goal in this lifetime.  That’s why Jesus had to come to the earth.  He had to be the one to make us perfect.  It’s his perfect life that we are given when we trust Jesus for our salvation.

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