What I read today

2 Chronicles 28; Job 1-2; Amos 2; John 13; 2 Timothy 2-3

When we were first married, I wasn’t going to church very much.  In fact, I did everything I could to avoid going to church.  After I was confirmed I pretty much walked away from the church I attended as a young person in Woodstock, IL.

We were married in a small church in Wilmot, WI.  At our wedding both the Pastors who had confirmed me showed up for the wedding.  I hadn’t seen either of them in a long time and hadn’t stepped foot in the church there in many years.

Eight months into our marriage Cara went into premature labor 3 months early.  In 1984 that was not good. The care for premature babies has come a long way since then, but in 1984 the odds of survival were not good.

I was sitting in a waiting area while the prepped Cara for an ultrasound when the mother of a young man I had been confirmed with saw me sitting alone.  She came over and sat next to me and asked what was going on.  I was so shaken up that I could barely tell her.

A few hours later as the doctors and nurses were preparing my wife for transport to prenatal ICU in Rockford one of the nurses came in and said there was someone to see me.  I walked out and there standing at the desk was Pastor Ken Ahlstrand.  He told me that if we needed him at anytime day or night to let him know.  No matter what he was there.

It’s hard to understand the impact of a visit like that, in a time like that.  That’s what being a servant is.  It’s not about preaching the grandest sermon, or being biblically correct or getting every doctrine just right.  It’s about being there and showing love and kindness for someone who needs it.

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