What I read today

2 Chronicles 25; Song of Songs 3-4; Joel 2; John 10; 1 Timothy 2-3

Well, one silly season is behind us, and another is just beginning.

The election is finally over.  No matter who you voted for, or who you wanted to win, the results are in.  It’s the thing that has separated the United States from so many other countries for nearly 250 years.  But in spite of the election being over, I fear that our elected officials will continue fighting and arguing, and our news media will continue egging them on.

Now that the election is over we head towards the holiday season.  First Thanksgiving then Christmas.  For many a time of relaxation.  For others a time of reflection.  For some a time of longing and loneliness.

That’s why Paul urges all of us to pray for everyone.  To pray that our leaders will be successful.  To pray that those in need find relief.  To pray that our land finally finds peace.   Most importantly pray that people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Pray that they will meet the savior of the universe in an intimate and personal manner.

If we pray for each other, it’s hard to hate one another.

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