What I read today

2 Chronicles 19; Ecclesiastes 8; Hosea 7; John 4; 1 Thessalonians 3

We’re so wrapped up in the day to day anxiety of our lives.  We struggle to put food on the table, we worry about our futures, our 401k balances, our mortgages and a host of other problems in our individual lives.

Jesus is sitting by the well in Samaria.  He’s tired, thirsty, dirty and hungry.  Yet Jesus doesn’t miss an opportunity to preach to a woman from a foreign country.  In the course of his conversation she ends up spreading the good news to an entire town, and Jesus spends the next two days proclaiming the good news that the grace of God had arrived.

It doesn’t matter what our circumstances there are always opportunities to proclaim God’s love to a hurting person.  It doesn’t matter if we’re hungry, cold or thirsty.  We are God’s ambassadors.  What we do and say can impact someone life for eternity.

We just need to forget about our personal issues and focus on the grace of God.

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