What I read today

2 Chronicles 16; Ecclesiastes 5; Hosea 4; John 1; Colossians 4

This morning as I read Colossians 4 I realize how difficult a task it is when Paul says to conduct yourself wisely with outsiders.  It’s difficult when dealing with difficult people to really know what the best course of action is.  I’ve prayed for certain people for so long I can’t remember when I started.  Yet to this day they seem intent on running from God no matter what.

What do you do in situations where someone who you love throws your faith back in your face?  How do you respond when you know that that person doesn’t believe what you believe? What can you do when there is absolutely nothing that you can do about that person?  How should you feel when you know there won’t be any affirmation of your faith or the ministry you want to participate in?

As hard as it is, the only thing I can come up with is to lean on God and hope that he will break through that person’s heart.

It doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.


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