What I read today

2 Chronicles 15; Ecclesiastes 4; Hosea 3; Luke 24; Colossians 3

Even after Jesus resurrection the disciples still didn’t get it.  They missed all the clues in scripture that talked about what would happen to the messiah.  The misunderstood what type of kingdom he would usher in.

Incredibly, here Jesus is standing in their presence and they still don’t get it.

But truthfully, many of us don’t get it either.  We read God’s word, and sometimes we just don’t understand what it means or says.  In our educated world, the things God’s Word says don’t make sense.

Why would someone need to die for me?

Why would an all powerful all mighty God allow all this sin and pain and suffering into the world?

The holy spirit has to open our hearts and minds.  The other thing is that the Holy Spirit sometimes leaves things a mystery to us to allow us to grow.  Maybe we’re not ready to understand somethings.  That’s why we need to trust that God knows what he is doing.

Jesus opened the minds of the disciples and showed them what the scriptures said.  He then sent them on a mission that changed the entire world.

Has the spirit changed your world?


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