What I read today

2 Chronicles 9-10; Proverbs 30; Daniel 9; Luke 19; Philippians 2

Philippians 2 vs 12-18 give us a glimpse of what it means to walk through this world as a Christian.

The Christian life is a struggle.  Not a battle of Christian verses non-christian.  But a struggle of the believer with himself.  The struggle we have with our own sinful nature.

That’s what Paul is talking about when he says to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.”  He’s not telling us that we have to work for our salvation.  He’s telling us that we’ll struggle with our sin the entire time we walk on this earth.

But then he tells us that it isn’t about us.  He tells us that God himself is at work in our lives enabling us to want to leave our sins behind and to work for God’s kingdom.  In other words, it’s not about our efforts it’s about Jesus and his work on our behalf.

Finally, he tells us to hold fast to the word of life.  Hold fast to Jesus and the word of God.  That’s what will ultimately get us through this time on the earth until we meet Jesus in the heavenly realm.

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