What I read today

2 Chronicles 5-6; Proverbs 28; Daniel 7; Luke 17; Ephesians 6

When is Jesus coming back?  In Luke, the Pharisees wanted to know.  They wanted to know, and so do we.  Many have asked the question openly, maybe God isn’t real, that’s why he hasn’t come back.  Perhaps it’s all a myth.

The truth is we’re enamored with trying to figure out what the future holds.  Will we be rich and famous.  Could our kids become President?  What does the future hold for our country?  All questions that we want answers to.  Many of these questions contain the cause of our anxieties and fears.

For the Christian, it should not be about when Christ will return.  It should be about holding onto the promise that he will return.  More importantly, whether he returns in our lifetime or not, where we are going to spend eternity.  The focus on dates and times tends to take our minds off the real issue.  For Christians, we have the promise that whether we meet Christ in Heaven or he returns to earth in our lifetime, we will spend eternity with him.  The dates and times don’t matter.  Only the end result!

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