What I read today

2 Chronicles 1-2; Proverbs 26; Daniel 5; Luke 15; Ephesians 4

Unity is not easy to maintain.  Heck, some days I can’t even agree with myself.  We don’t see much unity anymore.  We’re divided by political ideology, religious doctrine, sex, race, location, and many other things.

There are people out there who make a living keeping us apart.  They tweak the other side and do everything they can to stir up dissension.

Paul tells us to seek unity.  He tells us to live a life of humility and gentleness and patience and to bear with one another.

That’s not easy.

Truth is it’s tough.

But when we look at those we dislike with Christ’s eyes we see a human being who Jesus died for.  We see a person who needs Jesus just like each, and every one of us does.

We’ll never see perfect unity this side of heaven.  No matter how hard we try.  But, we can do our small part of maintaining unity by focusing on viewing people through God’s eyes not our own.  Only then will we see the world begin to change.

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