What I read today

1 Chronicles 24-25; Proverbs 25; Daniel 4; Luke 14; Ephesians 3

I read two passages today about 2 different kings.

In 1 Chronicles we see King David at the end of his life.  He’s preparing his son Solomon to take his place on the throne.  He’s made preparations for the first temple to be built in Jerusalem.  Then he stands back and looking at his life and his accomplishments he turns to God and proclaims, “Who am I.” David can’t believe the blessings that God has given him throughout his life.  David sits in awe, and he thinks about going from a shepherd as a young man to King of the mightiest nation in the middle east.

At that moment David looks up to heaven and says, everything is from you, you’ve given me everything that I’m giving to you.  Even the very faith that I have in you is a gift from you.

Then in the book of Daniel, we have King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon.  He surveys the world he’s conquered and proclaims it all to be from his own power.  God humbles the King and for a short time takes everything away from Nebuchadnezzar.  He takes it away until the King realizes that it wasn’t because of his ability or power that all this has happened it’s because of God’s plan that it happened.  In the end, the King comes to his senses and praises the God of the universe.

In our lives, we like to think we’re in charge.  We want to believe that we’re the center of the universe.  But something more significant is out there.  The God of the universe is out there the one who follows our every step.  Who steps through this life with us and carries us through those times of struggle and pain.

Are we like David who in spite of all the things he’d gone through, the attack on his life from Saul, the death of his friend Jonathan, the death of his infant son, his exile, the murder of another son, the rape of a daughter, and the insurrection by another son and shortly after the death of that son.  David suffered through war upon war and saw death and destruction all of his days.

Yet at the end of his life, he could say, “Who am I.”

David could look back and say, everything is a gift from a loving God.  Everything.  We give him nothing that he hasn’t already given us.  Yet for some reason, he stands there and says I’m ready to give you more.  Just have faith in me.

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