What I read today

1 Chronicles 19-20; Proverbs 23; Daniel 2; Luke 12; Ephesians 1

Ephesians 1 verse 15-23.

Hope.  It’s easy to lose.  It’s easy to give up.  It’s easy to not have hope.

But God has given us hope.

Not hope in our day to day lives.  Not hope in our finances or our jobs.  Not hope in our families or friends.  No all of those things will let us down at some point in our lives.

No, he’s given us hope in his son Jesus.

He’s given us the hope that while we struggle and slog through our time on this earth, there’s waiting for us a place in which all our struggles and pain will be taken away.  A place where we will see Jesus face and life in his presence for all eternity.  It’s not about creating a paradise on this planet.  It’s not about having unity or peace here on this earth.  Jesus warned us that in this lifetime we will daily have these struggles.

It’s about the peace and joy Jesus brought us by paying for our sins and granting us eternal life in his name.

That’s the hope we genuinely seek out every day!

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