What I read today

1 Chronicles 17-18; Proverbs 22; Daniel 1; Luke 11; Galatians 6

“Who am I, Lord?”

David starts off his prayer of thanksgiving to God with these 4 simple words.  God is so magnificent.  He used a shepherd to become the greatest king Israel ever had.  Jesus used fisherman to spread the Gospel throughout the known world.  Jesus used a man who persecuted the church to write 13 books of what we now know is the Bible.  He used an exile to lead a nation out of slavery.

“Who am I?”

I look back and think that same question.  Who am I that God blessed me with a beautiful wife and incredible kids?  Who am I that he’s given me abilities to do the job I do?  Who am I that, in spite of my lack of education and training, he’s used to serving him, do work that I wasn’t qualified to do or to in general be the person I am today.

Who am I that he knows my name and cares for me in spite of my not being able to live up to what he wanted me to be?

What an incredible God we serve.

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