What I read today

1 Chronicles 11-12; Proverbs 19; Ezekiel 46; Luke 8; Galatians 3

“As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”

I heard a story once that illustrated what Jesus did for each one of us.  Every day we get out of bed, and Jesus stands there with a shining white robe for us to wear.  As our day goes on, we manage to dirty that robe.  We get angry at the car that cuts us off, we get upset at our co-workers, we let the day’s news stories get under our skin, or maybe we get into a family argument.  Then we get home and rather than spending time with Jesus in his word, we station ourselves in front of a TV.  We ignore one another, we complain and grumble about our day and generally fill our own heads with complaining and anger.  By the time we get to bed, we’ve made a mess of the robe that Jesus gave us that morning.   By rights, we should have to wear that robe the next day or attempt to clean the robe even though we’ve made such a mess of it that getting it clean would never be possible.

But the next morning when we get out of that bed Jesus stands there waiting for us with a brand new robe more white than the day before.

That’s what he did for us.  He paid for all of our mistakes, our anger, our frustration and all of our doubts and fears.  He paid for it all.  His love covered over all of our warts.  Every day we can start new knowing that he paid the price so that each one of us can live a life for him!

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